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Andy: Jumping Again!

Andy, an avid skydiver, decided to celebrate his birthday by making his 704th jump with several of his friends. Unfortunately on his descent the ground winds became unpredictable and he was forced to land at a nearby golf course. At 20 feet, Andy’s lines went slack and his parachute collapsed. He dropped straight on his heels, shattering them completely.

He sustained fractures in both of his heels, but luckily this was his only major injury. Andy was told by a podiatrist in the emergency room that his heel fractures were the worst he had ever seen. The podiatrist recommended that Andy seek the expertise of Dr. J. Dean Cole, who has vast experience treating heel (calcaneus) fractures.

Shortly after Dr. Cole’s evaluation, Andy underwent surgery to repair his heels. Dr. Cole’s unique minimally invasive approach to this complex procedure successfully repaired the fractures and allowed an earlier return to work for the patient. Within weeks, Andy was able to work part-time as a Veterinarian and within four months after surgery he returned full time.

Only seven and half months later Andy made his 705th skydive!