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Fractured Shoulder

I have worked at Florida Hospital for 23 years in both Labor and Delivery and the Maternal Infant Unit, all in the OB Department. As a nurse, I’m very accustomed to caring for my patients as I would want to be cared for as a patient, but it’s always been a humbling experience for me to be on the receiving end of health care.  A recent fall resulted in a fractured shoulder, which I did not anticipate or welcome by any means! I of course came to my Florida Hospital ER in Orlando and was taken care of with care and compassion by nurses and physicians alike.

As I was moved to the Fracture Care Unit, even the transporter was kind and engaged as we talked the entire way to my room. I must say that I connected with all of my nurses, techs and housekeepers. 

My experience with anesthesia was exemplary, perhaps because my comfort level with them was a direct reflection of my history of working so closely with them over the last 23 years. This is why Florida Hospital Orlando is my hospital of choice.  I am Florida Hospital is so many ways! My surgeon, Dr. Michael Hawks, remembered what unit I worked on when I went in for my 2 weeks post op visit. I was impressed! They see so many patients, but he remembered me. I’m a fan for life.

One thing that comes to mind was my ability as a nurse to be so involved in my plan of care, from activity to pain control options. My nurses respected the fact that I was a nurse and allowed me to dictate what I wanted to take for pain. I cannot convey how much this meant to me!  We as patients loose so much control in our care, that anything that is manageable is so important, especially to us as nurses.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the care I received as a patient on the Fracture Care Unit.  I deeply appreciated being able to be part of the plan of care every day. I am on the mend, 9 weeks out, and so grateful for all the support I have received.  

I would go nowhere else for care.  I am Florida Hospital.

Thank you,