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John: Back in the Race

John, an active tri-athlete, was distracted while cycling one-day and drove his bike off the road. He landed directly on his hip sustaining a serious acetabular (hip socket) fracture. John was originally told by physicians he would have trouble walking, and his athletic activities as a tri-athlete were over.

John was referred to Dr. Cole by surgeons who were familiar with the fact that Dr. Cole was well known as one of the first surgeons to develop a minimally invasive approach to treating acetabular (hip socket) fractures. Dr. Cole published a paper on this approach referred to as the “Stoppa Approach” in 1994, after his minimally invasive procedure was developed. Dr. Cole has many years of experience with this approach. To John, having a surgeon with extensive experience in the treatment of acetabular (hip socket) fractures meant walking and possibly competing again. Because of John’s complex injury, his surgery involved this minimally invasive anterior approach as well as a posterior approach.

Today, John is recovered and competing again in triathlons.