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Larry: Motocrossing to the Finish Line

At age 72, Larry is living a more extreme life than many his age. He is a nationally recognized Motocross rider, who has been racing and jumping in this sport for more than 10 years. It was during a short practice race in February 2006 that Larry had a serious accident. During a 20 foot jump he quickly maneuvered to miss a fellow rider causing him to crash. His 20 foot fall threw him over a barrier, shattering his shoulder and splitting the arm by his socket.

Larry’s orthopedist said he did not know how to repair his arm. It was a nurse in the physician’s office who recommended Dr. Cole and the Fracture Care Center. Dr. Cole saw Larry a few weeks after his initial injury and quickly performed minimally invasive surgery to repair the fractured shoulder and arm. The intricate surgery included the placement of a humeral nail, Dr. Cole’s own invention, extending from the top of Larry’s shoulder to his elbow.

Only six weeks following surgery, Larry was practicing his beloved Motocross. Today, Larry can’t even tell he fractured his shoulder so badly. He has full range of motion and can enjoy his extreme and active lifestyle. Grateful to Dr. Cole and the Fracture Care Center team, Larry will continue racing and jumping for many years to come.